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Gangotri Camphor is one of the fastest-growing Camphor Manufacturers in India. We’re committed to providing the highest-quality and 100% pure Camphor that is a pleasure to the senses and give a soothing divine fragrance; we offer premium quality camphor.

Top Camphor Manufactures Company in India: Gangotri Camphor!

Spread a refreshing fragrance that generates a divine atmosphere

Camphor is an organic product that is widely used in homes. In addition, it is used in skin care products also because of its anti – inflammatory properties. Gangotri Camphor is one of the leading manufacturers of Camphor products in India.

According to our ancient Hindu scriptures, camphor, also known as kapoor, is a natural healing agent of the body and mind.

This is the reason the most important pujas are incomplete without burning camphor. You should, however, burn the camphor at home, besides during pujas. Here’s the reason.

Features of Gangotri Camphor

Camphor amplifies positive Energy

According to the Hindu mythology, camphor symbolises humanity’s closeness to the Divine. When you light camphor, the vapours have the power to transform your environment by releasing healing energy. The healing energies dislodge the negative energy that is in your home and will bring more positive energy into your home.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

One of the most beneficial advantages of burning camphor in the house in the present world is the fact that it relieves anxiety and stress. Camphor is a natural, powerful blend of a strong scent, menthol-like aroma and therapeutic properties. When burned, it releases the healing substances and creates the sensation of peace within your home. It brings stress levels lower and helps to ease your mood.

Treatments are available for Pitra Dosha along with Kalsarpa Dosha

One of the main advantages of burning camphor within the home is that it eases any effects of Pitra Dosha as well as Kalsarpa Dosha. Because of the incorrectly placed planets and stars If you’re prone to go through these Doshas it is recommended to burn camphor 3 times a day and spread the essence all over the home. This will help to ease the effects of Dosha on your body and mind.

Drives Away Mosquitoes

One of the lesser-known benefits of burning the camphor in the home is that it wards away dengue- and malaria-causing mosquitoes. The camphor scent is a deterrent to mosquitoes, which repel them. So, every night , before sleeping, light some natural camphor while keeping all windows and doors shut.

Drives Evil Spirits Away

Camphor isn’t just dangerous for mosquitoes, it also kills evil spirits! The burning of camphor in your home can help you get rid of the spirits that are evil quickly and result in a positive change in your life. This is particularly useful when you wish to bring prosperity and wealth for your loved ones.

Benefit of burning camphor

However, dispelling the spirit will also assist you in dealing with nightmares. Burn camphor prior to bed and put a tablet of kapoor on top of your bed. The beneficial odours of camphor will suffocate your spirit and help clear your mind awake, which will allow you to have the best sleep.

If you decide to burn camphor, it is essential to make sure you use pure camphor. Camphor that is adulterated is extremely unhealthy for your health, and does not provide the healing properties of burning camphor in your home. It is possible to purchase pure camphor for the most affordable price from the Gangotri Camphor.

So, burning camphor at your home gives you an experience of the positive ambience around you. You will experience more restful sleep and your thoughts will be more clear and you’ll get closer to God!

This is all for the benefits of the Camphor at home but beside it, Camphor is widely used for the skin care products. Let’s see how Gangotri Camphor helps the skin.

Medical use of camphor

Applying camphor to the skin can be extremely beneficial in reducing inflammation and pain, and the regular application of camphor could assist in the healing of burn wounds. A study has demonstrated that mustard oil and camphor helped in reducing knee joint pain among rural women.

For a long time the use of camphor was widespread in Indian homes for a long time. It was a well-loved smell and is popular today. Gangotri Camphor is one of the fastest-growing Camphor Manufacturers in India. We are committed to providing top-quality, pure Camphor that is a treat for your senses, and can change lives. We offer premium camphor, mint-based products. It is made by distilling the wood and bark of the Camphor tree. Pure Camphor has excellent medicinal properties. Camphor is a burning transparent white solid with an intense aroma and bitter taste. It is possible to create a variety of products like rubs, balms and liniments.

We have a manufacturing unit that is outfitted with modern technology to help us to comply with the industry standards. We value feedback from our customers seriously and utilise it into our product’s quality improvement as well as our after-sales service. Apart from adhering to ethical manufacturing practices and packaging our products using standard packaging to ensure the quality and hygiene intact.

Camphor has been in use in India for many centuries and is an essential part of all Hindu rituals of worship. The process of distillation and the production of Kapur is labor-intensive and expensive therefore the price has gone up significantly. This has led to the introduction of adulterated camphor which isn’t even close to the original. You should purchase Gangotri Camphor to get the best experience.

Benefit of Gangotri Camphor

Medical Benefits of Camphor

Natural camphor is extracted from a plant called Cinnamomum Camphora by a distillation process that involves its stem leaves, branches and so on. It is then passed through high steam, and the vapour is removed under vacuum, and then filtered until you get a pure Camphor. Camphor production is restricted mostly by China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and so on. Since this plant’s origins are in these regions. Pure natural camphor was completely edible and that is why it was utilised to treat ailments in the past. It was typically known as Pacha Kapoor which was used to treat ayurvedic medical treatments and was also utilised in rituals of worship.

Camphor benefits for skin

Creams and lotions that contain camphor can help reduce skin irritation and itching and can assist in improving the overall appearance of the skin. It is antibacterial and has antifungal properties, which can be beneficial in the treatment of inflammations. A study from 2015 Trusted Source study on animals found camphor to be beneficial in treating wounds as well as wrinkles caused by ultraviolet light. This makes it an ideal ingredient for anti-aging cosmetics. It could be because of its ability to improve collagen and elastin production. Apply a cream containing camphor to the area you want to treat at least one time every day.

Camphor benefits for Relieves pain

Applying camphor on the skin is a great way in relieving inflammation and pain. A study from 2015 Trusted Source found that the spray, which contained natural ingredients like camphor, menthol and the essential oils clove and eucalyptus proved efficient in relieving mild to moderate discomfort. The spray was sprayed on the shoulders, joints and lower back over up to 14 days. You might feel the sensation of a warming, tingling or cooling sensation whenever you apply camphor-based products. Apply a spray or ointment on the area of concern often throughout the day.

Camphor benefits for Heals burns

Camphor creams and balms are a great option to treat burn wounds. A study from 2018 Trusted Source animal study found that an ointment that contained sesame oil, camphor and honey slowed the time to heal second-degree burns. It was also proven to be more effective in comparison to Vaseline. For use, apply an ointment onto the area affected once per every day.

Camphor benefits Treats arthritis

Camphor products like Icy Hot as well as Biofreeze can be beneficial in relieving inflammation, pain and swelling caused by arthritis. The sensations of cold or hot that occur after applying these creams can keep you away from discomfort. Camphor is also proven by Trusted Source to provide anti-inflammatory benefits in animal models, which help in the treatment of arthritis. For use, apply the cream on the affected areas often throughout the day.

Advantages of Gangotri Pure Camphor

  • Camphor is used in India to perform Hindu ceremonies and it’s typical to find a lamp made of camphor that is burning in the Pooja ceremony. Camphor has a distinct quality which is that after it burns, there’s no ash, there’s no residue and the substance ceases to burn when the flames go out.
  • Many believe this is an expression of our human nature, which must merge with God’s power to become one with it. If high-quality, pure camphor is stored in an open container, it’s likely to evaporate or change into sublimation, that’s why it’s imperative to store the product in a tightly sealed bottle.
  • In addition to the use of it in pooja rituals, making use of an electric diffuser is a wonderful method of soaking up the advantages. The aroma of camphor is extremely cleansing in nature and stimulates positive ions that are present in the air of a space.
  • As per Vastu practitioners it is believed that burning Camphor eliminates the negative consequences from Evil Eye on that place. In a lesser degree it assists in getting rid of mosquitoes and bugs since the aroma of burning camphor acts as an effective repellent to insects.
  • The benefits of Gangotri Camphor are numerous and this is the reason why its demand is growing every day.
  • Camphor provides cooling properties, which is a great anti-inflammatory drug. It can treat all types of inflammation both external and internal by calming the mind and bringing an overall feeling of calm. Use camphor with any oil for massage that is natural you prefer, but no more than 3-4 drops. Massage the area affected for a few minutes.
  • The advantages of camphor are endless. Just by incorporating the camphor in your routine can affect your life in many ways. It is not just that camphor oil can aid in your mental and physical well-being, but it’s also healing for your spiritual side. So why are you wasting time? Buy the 100% genuine and natural camphor oil today.