How To Identify Pure Camphor?

Camphor is a natural product, which comes from the wood of Cinnamomum Camphora tree. The presence of impurities in camphor reduces its purity and quality. Gangotri Camphor is 100% natural, pure and fresh camphor. It has a characteristic smell that makes it different from other products in the market.

The Sanskrit word for camphor is ‘kapur’. In India, camphor is derived from the wood of Cinnamomum Camphora tree. It was used in religious rituals and traditional medicine to treat ailments like cold and cough.

Camphor contains antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-anxiety properties that can help to improve respiratory function, treat skin issues and relieve pain. One of the most important properties of Camphor is its strong odour and pungent taste. Camphor is the divine substance used in most of our homes at the time of pujas. In addition, due to its inflammatory property, it is used for medical purposes as well. Camphor is widely used in skincare products too including balm, oil, or cream.

Camphor is extensively used in the skin care and pharma industry. It is popularly found in skin care products, pain relieving products, cold & cough relieving medicines etc. Camphor is a known fumigation agent as it was used during the outbreak of smallpox where it was poured over the bodies before burying it.

Due to the mass use of camphor, most of the camphor is adulterated in the market. That kind of camphor harms the environment. So, how to find the difference between pure camphor and impure camphor? Let’s check it out.

You can differentiate pure camphor with its odour

You can differentiate pure camphor with its odour. It has a sweet and pleasant smell and is used in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. It is also used in religious rituals, such as Hindu worship ceremonies and Buddhist cremation ceremonies.

Pure camphor smells very strongly and a small piece is enough to make a closed container smell of camphor. Impure camphor smells faintly like camphor, and a large piece is required to make a closed container smell of camphor.

See if it melts to liquid

The first thing to do is see if it melts. If the camphor turns into a liquid when you apply heat, then this means that it’s pure. If not, then there’s no way of knowing if the product has impurities or not.

Change in color

You can tell if it’s pure camphor by keeping the camphor in direct sunlight for a few minutes. If there’s any wax residue left on the surface, it’s not pure camphor. Pure camphor is white and will not change colour when exposed to heat or light (the reason why some people think that burning incense releases “pure” forms of gases). Impure camphors may turn yellow or orange because they contain impurities such as waxes and resins which cause them to react with certain chemicals used during their production process.

Dissolve in kerosene easily

Take a little piece of camphor and drop it in a glass of kerosene. A pure piece will dissolve in the kerosene, whereas impure camphor will sink to the bottom after a while.

Easy to ignite

Pure camphor is very volatile and flammable, which means that it’s easy to ignite. It also has an extremely strong smell that can irritate your nose and lungs when inhaled in large quantities. When burning pure camphor, you should always use a heat source that does not produce sparks or flames such as a candle or incense burner.

White in colour

Pure camphor is a great way to reap all of its benefits. It can be used to cure many illnesses, purify the home, and repel evil spirits (and mosquitoes), among other things. Camphor that appears yellowish or brown should be avoided. It is not only impure but can also cause serious health problems. The yellowish colour of camphor can contain safrole, which can cause severe side effects such as vomiting, high blood pressure, hot flashes, liver damage, and even cancer. Adulterated camphor can cause harm to you and your family. It’s better to choose pure camphor than synthetic.

The presence of impurities in camphor reduces its purity and quality. Gangotri Camphor is 100% natural, pure and fresh camphor.

Gangotri Camphor is 100% natural, pure and fresh camphor. It is produced from the wood of Cinnamomum Camphora tree. This pure camphor has no impurities or adulterants added to it. Therefore, it can be used for many purposes like:


Camphor is a very useful natural product and can be used to treat many health problems. It has been around for centuries, but it is still not fully understood how camphor works in the body. The main goal of this blog was to provide information on how you can identify pure camphor so that you don’t go wrong when buying it at your local store or online shopping website.

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