What are the benefits of burning camphor?

Burning the camphor in your home is a well-known traditional remedy that has been used for a long time. Camphor helps in cleansing the air and helps in reducing stress.

There are many advantages to burning the camphor in your house. It is used to ensure that your home is in good condition and also to keep it tidy.

In Indian rituals, the use of camphor holds an important place in the rituals and is also used as a symbol of worship. It is also used to perform puja havan and aarti. In Hinduism the use of camphor is believed to please gods as well as goddesses. Both the light and scent that is associated with spirituality are created through the burning of camphor. It is considered to be sacred and the flames are believed to remove all evil spirits. Camphor’s burning symbolises unity with God and spreads the illumination of wisdom and virtue. In the home, burning camphor offers many advantages.

The benefits of burning camphor

Camphor eliminates bad energy

According to the vastu shastra, camphor neutralises negative energy and cleanses the surroundings by releasing healing energy. It enhances happiness in the home as well as harmony and wealth. The delicate scent of camphor cleanses the air and helps to create a peaceful ambience in the home. It can be used in many ways in the home. The easiest method to use it at home would be to ignite it in the aarti. A diffuser could also be used to make use of camphor. Place a few drops of camphor or essential oil on the top of the diffuser and let the candle melt away. Another option is an electric fragrance diffuser. The gentle scent of Camphor cleans the air and creates a tranquil ambience in your home.

The scent can also help improve mood and can have the ability to relax. If you recently moved to a house that has been used by another, Vastu suggests burning some camphor to rid yourself of any out of date, slow, and negative energies that might be present. Make sure that children and pets are kept away from the camphor diffusers. Be careful to keep the camphor out of the curtains when burning it in your home. The diffuser should only be used for a short time.

Camphor helps to improve relationships

The presence of camphor in the home aids in strengthening the bonds among family members. Couples and their families may have disagreements or misunderstandings. There is less risk of fighting in the family since camphor helps in being refreshed. If you are having a dispute with your spouse and you want to keep it afloat, daily light the pot from brass or silver using camphor. Camphor in the home can help clear your mind, boost the mood and help one feel more energised, so you’ll have less chance of conflict. It is recommended to use light camphor in a brass or silver bowl inside your room each day when you’re facing conflict with your spouse. You can also place two small pieces of the camphor around your room( replace it as it starts to shrink). It’s believed that it will improve the relationships between couples.

Camphor can bring luck and wealth

The burning of camphor in the southwest part of the house at night brings prosperity. When your house is free from negative powers, you’re likely to gain wealth, good health and success. Burning two cloves of camphor and rotating it through the house eliminates obstacles whenever there is a financial issue within the home. The burning of camphor can remove negative energies and evil spirits, particularly during the festival of Diwali. If your home is clean of negative energy, you’re more likely to achieve success, wealth , and good health.

Its fragrance helps in relaxing the mind

Camphor is an excellent air freshener. You can add a couple of tablespoons of lavender oil to a small amount of camphor, which has been ground into a fine powder. To keep the scent for a long time, pour the mix into an aerosol bottle and spray the scent throughout your home with particular attention paid to areas that are damp.

Cleaning the floor with camphor powder and water enhances the air quality

One effective method to keep bacteria and insects away from your house is to burn camphor. Sprinkle some water with camphor on the areas that have the ants.

Camphor is a great repellent to mosquitoes. After a short time, close all windows and doors, then put a small amount of camphor into the diffuser in order to block mosquitoes away from the area.

Camphor and Ayurveda

Camphor is extracted using an old Ayurvedic method of distilling the bark as well as the lumber of the coniferous plant called Camphor Laurel mostly found in India, Sumatra, Borneo as well as Indonesia. The chemical formula of C10H160 is an excellent antioxidant.

Beyond the spiritual reasons, Camphor is used to cleanse the environment since it is a powerful Germicide. There is also a belief to remove negative energies from the surrounding.

When it is absorbed into the skin it acts as a minor local anaesthetic and antimicrobial. It also offers cooling and soothing effects similar to menthol.

If one has a thorough understanding of medicine it is able to alleviate epileptic seizures as well as convulsions, nervousness and emotional stress. It’s extremely harmful to insects, and even scares away snakes and reptiles due to its strong smell.

It should also be used with caution.


Camphor is a magical substance with many applications. There are many advantages of camphor, but also the negative consequences. In Hindu tradition, camphor is believed to hold an important place in the holy and is utilized to cleanse ourselves . It also teaches us how to become the source of knowledge that is not based on self-centered motives by getting rid of our self-centeredness.

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